Recently, One of my papers has been accepted at a conference. In order to check the IEEE Explore compatibility, I uploaded the file in PDF express and found not compatible. However, I clicked 'Approved for Collection' button. Later, I made the file compatible with IEEE Explore and again clicked 'Approved for Collection'. To test the second time again I did the same thing. Now PDF express showing 'Approved for Collection' for 3 files of the same title where 1 file is not IEEE Explore compatible and other 2 are compatible. Will it be a problem?

  • Why click approve if it was shown as not compatible? That does not seem to be the logical action... – Solar Mike Apr 14 at 6:57
  • @SolarMike I saw not compatible later. I did click the button at first thinking it will be compatible. Never happened to me before. – Nahid Hossain Apr 14 at 7:03

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