I interviewed with a professor, and she said that she will support my application. She sent me the details of a special scholarship and asked me to read it, and then send her an email again. I did so, but she did not answer to my email. Do I have to send her a reminder email like this?

Dear prof. x,

I sent you an email last week, but given the uncertainties of email I do not know whether you received it. Thus, I would like to mention that I have read the details of X scholarship, and I am extremely interested in applying for it under your supervision.. This opportunity is really important for me and would help me immensely, and I can assure that I will do my best if given the chance.

With my best regards, Neda

  • You mention "last week". I would wait unitl at least a full week has passed, then send your reminder. Text is fine imho. – asquared Apr 10 at 11:10

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