I have revised my manuscript in Elsevier's journal and uploaded it along with the point-by-point reviewer comments responding. I found I have made a mistake in uploading the file.

There is the list of file types need to submit in the author page as follows: 1. Manuscript (revised manuscript) 2. Respond to reviewer 3. Revised manuscript with Changes marker

For the file type number 3, I uploaded the wrong file, which lists the changed in manuscript in detail instead of the full manuscript with changes marked.

I wonder Do I need to write an email to the editor to explain about that? Anyone has experience in this problem please give me the advice.

One more question: how long should we wait for the status change from "with journal" to "with editor" or "under review" for the revised manuscript?

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    You can email the editor. However, the admin person processing your paper may notice the mistake and send it back to you. – Prof. Santa Claus Apr 8 at 8:29

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