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Why does Germany lag behind UK in the number of scientific publications?

The answers in the other question marked as a duplicate predominantly give the views from UK. I need a German view point.

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    Voting to close...SE questions should be objectively answerable rather than culture-dependent viewpoints. In particular, I don't think "the Germans" have a unified view about anything. – cag51 Apr 2 at 3:16
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    @cag51: It seems that the question doesn't ask for the opinion of Germans, but for objective reasons. For example, there are objective reasons why developing countries lag in research. – Taladris Apr 2 at 4:03
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    The link shows Germany at 2.79 million documents and the UK at 3.15 million. Is that a lag? By comparison, France is at 1.96 million, which seems more significant. Can the OP clarify what they are asking? I may consider voting to reopen, but not as-is. – user2768 Apr 2 at 6:57
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    @user2768, I am curious about German academia's quality and strength. If Germany were as good as UK, Germany should have been going head to head. Germany has bigger population than that of UK. German economy is also bigger. – user366312 Apr 2 at 7:05
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    I don't see much difference. When you look at citable documents, Germany has 2.59 million and the UK has 2.7 million, so the difference is slightly over 100k, which isn't much. By comparison, the gap between France and both the UK and Germany is quite large (even though the UK and France have similar population sizes). – user2768 Apr 2 at 7:08