I am seeing the term "Survey-cum-Tutorial" for the first time. What does it mean and how does it differ from a survey or a tutorial paper?

  • You might have ended up on the wrong website... :-) – Herman Toothrot Mar 27 at 6:17
  • Most likely how to make a survey guidelines, posted by an English speaker who loves Latin or a Portuguese with love for English terms. – Alchimista Mar 27 at 13:13

Cum means combined with. It is a Latin word, but used in English occasionally. In addition to knowing this definition, I think if you look at the specific example (if there is one in front of you), you should be able to tell what the writer of the phrase meant. I don't think there is some general meaning (like it is a common phrase) beyond that, so you need to look at the context to see the writer's meaning.

  • Thanks for the answer. I had tried searching google earlier but didn't find a clue – Abdulhameed Mar 27 at 0:02
  • Good luck. Glad to contribute answer-cum-task. ;-) – guest Mar 27 at 0:12

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