I am due to submit my PhD in a week and I am starting to panic over not having a dedicated chapter with a literature review. My topic covers different fields of study so I have added some literature review within the content of every chapter when that field is explored. Now I am worried because my thesis does not follow the standard structure. Do you think it will help to make this clear in the Introduction?

  • 2 years later: How did it turn out? – J.Hirsch Dec 14 '20 at 22:01

This is a question for your advisor. What will s/he accept in your dissertation? If it is a acceptable to the advisor (and any committee) then there is no issue at all.

It seems pretty clear from what you write that you have, in fact, reviewed the literature, rather than just ignoring it. How you present your findings is, in a sense, just a matter of writing style. If it works, it works.

But your advisor may have veto power here, so make sure they are happy.

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