I'm not sure if this question is appropriate for this community, so please let me know if it isn't.

I'm currently in my last semester of undergrad in a Korean university. I've been wanting to go to graduate school since last year and my original plan was to apply to US programs this season. However, plans changed a bit and I decided that staying in Korea for my Master's and then going abroad might not be a bad option, since I not only don't feel ready but with my specs I probably will get into a mediocre program while taking on debt - two things I don't have to worry about if I stay in Korea.

I contacted a professor whose research I'm interested in, and we met and talked. I told him my plans and he said that he strongly recommends applying for the MS/PhD integrated program. That way I can get my PhD in a shorter amount of time and I can go for my post-doc to the US (or wherever). I told him that I think that's a plan that makes sense logically but I'm not sure if I want to stay in Korea for my PhD as I also really miss the US. He replied saying that he also gets homesick (he spent most of his life in the US as well) but his lab "prefers integrated program applicants over regular Master's applicants," and that it "wouldn't be a wise decision to turn down a guaranteed offer over emotions."

My parents who are also professors also tell me that they think the integrated program is a better idea. "If you're going to apply for a PhD why not just take the logical route when the offer is still there?"

The reason that I didn't want to is also something that plays against me. I can't think of a compelling reason of why I want to go back to the US other than "I really miss the US and want to go back," which again is not a very good reason. Also, graduate students in the lab have advised me to set up a meeting with the professor and ask him what his opinion is on me doing a Master's degree here and going for my PhD abroad. I already know that he's going to repeat what he told me before, only this time it might make me look bad because I basically turned down his offer.

Would it still be a wise idea to confide with the lab professor? Or would it just be wiser to go for the integrated program in Korea? Applications are in two weeks so I need to make a decision relatively quickly.

Thank you.

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