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Little about me (without being too specific). I’m in my final year of undergrad at a top U.K. school. I did a year abroad at a top 10 American school and loved it, so applied for PhDs in the states. I’ve got offers from decent (not great, and not my top choice) schools. However, I’ve got an offer from another top U.K. school (different from undergrad - heard it’s a little taboo to do undergrad and grad at the same institution).

I loved America and want to go back but I don’t want go for the sake of going and I don’t want to miss this opportunity in the UK. Plus I don’t know what I want to do after.

So my questions are:

How important is university prestige for grad school?

I believe it’s very possible to do a postdoc in America if I stay in the UK, is this true?

Also, what would you do? All institutions give full financial packages.

P.S. I study science/engineering subject.


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  • "I believe it’s very possible to do a postdoc in America if I stay in the UK, is this true?" It's very likely that you will not have much of a choice when it comes to postdocs -- most people apply to a large number of jobs and will be willing to move to wherever gives them an offer. A UK PhD is certainly no hindrance to getting a postdoc anywhere in the world. – astronat Mar 7 at 20:37