I am currently a postdoc thinking about applying for jobs in industry (I am particularly interested in jobs in R&D in computational chemistry, but any help would be appreciated).

I am aware than when applying for jobs in academia (e.g., postdocs), it is common to apply a few months or even up to a year in advance. However, when applying for jobs in industry, how early should one apply? Do companies expect one to start working just after the job is offered to you?

I am also considering moving to the US (I am not an American citizen), so how should visa application timelines be considered in the job application timeline?

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  • Mostly the only way to obtain a visa to immigrate to the US is by being sponsored for such a visa by an employer who has already decided to offer you a job. – Brian Borchers Mar 5 at 2:49
  • Most job adverts have an application closing date - jobs then start after the interview process is complete and they have chosen someone. – Solar Mike Mar 5 at 4:49
  • @BrianBorchers: I imagined that would be the case. But then the problem is that it usually takes a few months for the whole visa application process to go through. And if they want someone to start immediatly after the job being offered (and hence my question), how does one go about it? Or do people never get jobs in industry in the US when not already in the US? – m_cpcr Mar 5 at 6:52
  • Why is the question on hold? I imagine that there are many people interested in applying to jobs in industry while living in a different country that could be interested to know. – m_cpcr Mar 5 at 19:54