I am conducting a literature review, and I am struggling with how to group/classify a large number of articles into different categories. Can you give me some practical advice? Are there, for example, any available software solutions that can offer some approximate groupings, and after that, I can adjust the results? I am interested in the qualitative classification of the articles based on their similarities (e.g., the similarities of their findings but not methodological similarities in which I look for the same variables etc.) I already made an excel sheet with the different sections: goal, methodology, results, etc. but even in this way I cannot easily group them because they are too many, so my brain cannot process all the information.

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    Unfortunately, classifying the literature is an important aspect of surveying it, and it usually can't be done automatically; it needs real knowledge of the area. If the literature is too vast for your brain to process, you might begin by making a rough classification into a few broad areas. Then work on these areas one at a time, perhaps subdividing them again to get down to a brain-manageable number. (The subdivisions produced this way might become the chapters, sections, and subsections of your review.) – Andreas Blass Feb 25 at 0:25