I developed a chess website. I'm IT student and I'm writing my thesis on this.

Now I need to write some documentation (not only few sentences ). I don't know exactly what, I have to write about why I developed this? What are the problems that are solved with this website? How can chess player learn with this website? (Give more advice if you have)

Main focus on 'prepare against' functionality, creating private database, creating special rating lists and creating tournaments. Those are the solutions to existing problems and I have to explain them in details. The problem is that I didn't develop website in that way, I just wanted to create something with my programming skills, but now I have to do that work, so any help (some examples, some instructions about what should I write or anything else) will be appreciated.

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    Which came first? The idea to create a chess site or the need to do a thesis? If the thesis was first and the chess site was thought of to provide the response to the thesis then you should have, and knew, that you would need the documentary evidence... So you should have made notes as you went along... – Solar Mike Feb 9 at 14:49
  • The problem is that I made site without knowing that it will be my thesis. The website is finished long time ago and I have to write thesis based on it, which is not what I meant in first place when I was coding. – user104234 Feb 9 at 15:00
  • So, what you mean is that you wrote the chess site too long ago, can't remember "what, how and why" and want to use it for your thesis which is due next week... – Solar Mike Feb 9 at 15:02
  • You are totaly wrong, and you misunderstood my post. I finished my website and I can't make notes while I'm coding(obviously).I didn't expect that I will write thesis on it, and I have no idea what to write because I didn't develop that to solve any problems, I just wanted to code something. If you can help, give some advices on what should I write, some instructions, if you can't, then please move on the other post. Thanks! – user104234 Feb 9 at 15:31
  • My dissertation advisor wrote some notes on how to read an engineering research paper. Consider turning it around, and making your thesis answer each of the questions. – Patricia Shanahan Feb 9 at 15:41