I am currently an undergraduate in mathematics and physics and graduate student in applied mathematics in the US. I am looking for a research position/internship for the summer (somewhere other than my current institution). Is it recommended to cold-call or send emails asking professors or researchers at other institutions around the world for an opportunity to work with them? In what other way can I find a position for this summer? I am specifically looking at institutions in the US, Europe, Japan, Taiwan and China.

Thank you :)


Since you mention a broad range of countries, I think you should first try to get information about the typical yearly schedule, because in some countries summer may be a busy period.

For instance, since a couple years, I've started to receive emails from random students asking to do a summer internship with me. But from June to July, I'm busy with exams, workshops and conferences, in August I'm on vacation, and in September I have again exams and conferences. So, I usually decline any request in that period. I know other European groups with a similar situation.

  • I would expect the professors I contact to notify me if that is the case since I have known of people going to England and Italy for summer internships. Do you have any recommendations of universities or other institutions where I could enquiry? – The Bosco Feb 6 at 9:04

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