I graduated with Computer Science degree from a Russell Group University(Leeds) in 2016. I managed to find my first job as a software developer 3 months after graduation. I am 2 years into my career development in the industry learning and developing software every month. I am considering going back to University to get masters degree or Phd. My dilemma is weather to go for a MSc in Computer Science or straight go into Phd. I don't thing I can learn that much more from a MSc course just because I can learn anything on the job or read the books at home. However I might have problem with admission straight into Phd because of my grades from my Bsc. I graduated with 3rd Honors degree. I needed to work through my bachelors to support myself which resulted in less time for studying. I have managed to learn everything in order to do my job very well as a software developer(frontend/ backend / best practices/ clean design). Will my industry experience be enough to compensate for bad grades in my Bsc degree when applying straight for Phd or they will tell me I need to do MSc first?

  • You could ask directly. The answers may differ depending on the institution. – Buffy Jan 29 at 19:04
  • I still keep in touch with my personal tutor from my Computer Science degree and he told me for Leeds specifically that a relevant work experience is taken into account. But that is very general. – tejkosie Jan 30 at 12:04

Yes, most definitely your skills to date make you exceptional. They look at the bigger picture of the person whom has applied. I actually have a little experience with the university of Kentucky, and they are investing in the person, the man who and their own future as well. Yes sir you are ok

  • Thanks. Are you referring to the US university of Kentucky ? – tejkosie Jan 30 at 12:05

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