I submitted two papers to a conference on EDAS. I checked EDAS and I saw a change. They added this sentence at the end of both papers page submission: "You have authored an accepted paper."

The results of the acceptance will be announced in 10 days, but I was wondering if I can take this as a sign of an accepted paper? My advisor thinks otherwise, and he says we need to wait.


  • What does the EDAS site say? – Solar Mike Jan 26 at 4:46
  • The official results will be out in 10 days. But when I check EDAS it says "You have authored an accepted paper." @SolarMike – Jacob Jan 26 at 18:36
  • Let’s be clear - how do they explain their statements, do they provide more info elsewhere on their site... – Solar Mike Jan 26 at 18:52
  • @SolarMike No nothing. I think there is a probability that only one of my papers got accepted. I can't wait till the next 10 days. :( – Jacob Jan 26 at 23:15

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