Now our marks came out and the average is 94 and he gave me 2 marks less than the average of the class. (This means that I have got the lowest grade in the class)

I am overthinking these days and getting a headache. I really want to figure out what is his intention and why is he playing with my future?

I always study hard to get everything done in high quality; I always compare my work with other classmates to correct myself; I do not know why he gave me his lowest grades?

Should Ph.D. students get higher than master students? is there any range? or I am getting this just because I am a girl...

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    Maybe you got the grade you did because your work warranted it? You saw some of the other students' work, but not all of it; you don't know exactly what the grading criteria were or how they were applied to your work or anyone else's; it's hard for you to know whether your complete body of work was really better than anyone else's. – ff524 Jan 22 at 3:24
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    the average is 94 and he gave me 2 marks less than the average of the class It sounds like you still got a pretty good grade. I don't see how you can jump to the conclusion that it was discrimination. – Thomas Jan 22 at 4:29
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    You should assume the grading is fair unless there is a reason to believe otherwise, which you don't seem to have. – Thomas Jan 22 at 4:40
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    "I really want to figure out what is his intention and why is he playing with my future?" Sounds to me that you are overthinking this. I also agree with Thomas above, 94 sounds high if out of 100. Also, @ff524 is trying to offer you thoughts but you are criticizing their comments with your response... You sound biased to your own thoughts without trying to look at this as a whole. – Cloud Chem Jan 22 at 4:56
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    You're mixing together multiple issues here. TA positions going to PhD students before masters students? No surprise whatsoever. Supervisors spending more time with his PhD advisees and hounding them until they learn the material, because they have to use it in their future research? No surprise there. Funding going to what the PhD students need first? No surprise. – Ben Voigt Jan 22 at 5:30

You should assume the grading is fair, unless there is a reason to believe otherwise. Based on your question and comments, I don't see any reason to believe that discrimination is involved.

You state that you did everything that was required, just like the other students. That doesn't mean you should get exactly the same grade as them. Perhaps your presentation was not as clear as the others or your project had some minor flaws. It is very hard for you to judge that yourself -- you are neither an expert like the professor is nor objective in self-evaluation.

You received a 92, which is below the class average of 94. To me, that still sounds like a good grade and you shouldn't be concerned. Trying to argue for every last point is not productive -- it's called grade grubbing.


If you feel you're being discriminated against, approach the support services of your university. If you don't know what they are, try approaching the head of department, or if you feel the discrimination is coming based on your gender & the HoD is male, approach a female faculty member. Before you do this, make sure the things you're complaining about aren't normal procedure at your institution - for example, most people would not find it surprising that PhD students are offered teaching assistantships preferentially over Masters students.

I should say that in this kind of dispute, evidence will be paramount. It doesn't sound like the evidence you have is strong; certainly what you've written wasn't enough to convince the people who've left a comment. You probably will want something more tangible before escalating the dispute: some kind of paper trail that shows the professor is not being fair.

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    More accurately: If you have evidence that you are being discriminated against.... – JeffE Jan 22 at 6:54

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