I am currently holding a diploma in computer science which is equivallent to a BSc. I have also finished my MAS (master of advanced studies) in economy, which was made up out of 5 CAS modules.

Now I would love to attend a doctoral program and research in the field of predictive modelling, machine learning and computational vision.

However my MAS diploma seems not to be enough to apply for a Phd program (except for DBA programs which only exists in the field of economy). Many (all?) programs require a MSc.


  • Is the only way to get there attending to another master program to get my MSc?
  • Are there Phd programs I can apply to that only require a MAS that I just havent found yet?
  • Is there some equivalent to a DBA but in the field of computational science?

Thanks in advance


Consider programs outside your country, which may have different requirements. For instance in the US, it is still very normal to NOT have a masters prior to starting the Ph.D. (only have a bachelors).

P.s. Very hard to help you with a country-specific issue if you won't tell us the country!

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