I could participate to an industry conference that invites abstract submission. As an academic, I would be tempted to use plain objective language and discuss results and limitations. I have never submitted nor read industry conference papers and suspect discussing too many details is not advisable due to competitors watching. Anybody has experience with submitting abstracts to industry conferences?

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    That's a rather broad question, and the answer may very well depend on the field, industry and/or conference in question. You might well want to research the specific conference you're considering by reading a sample of past years' abstracts or proceedings. – Anyon Jan 13 at 19:42
  • You are absolutely right in saying that it is a generic question. However, it is general to a world (industry conferences) I am completely ignorant about! I am searching past conference edition and the website does not list abstracts nor papers. I found a database of similar papers where I can now see abstracts but not the actual paper (they are for pay). Moreover, there seems to be a distinction between peer-reviewed, and non-peer reviewed accepted paper (?). – famargar Jan 13 at 19:58

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