In a week I will start attending classes at another university as an exchange student. In the meantime, I am applying to grad school, and I am debating putting said university in my CV. I know that adding future experience on one's CV is generally frowned upon, but in my case I think that it might make sense, as:

  • The contact information will include my address at the exchange university,
  • By the time they get to my CV, I will probably have studied there for at least a month,
  • It's really a matter of days.

Unfortunately I cannot wait until classes start to submit my CV as the deadline is approaching.

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    Not a grad school apps reviewer, but this seems reasonable enough. Just put the start date as January 2019, not January 15, 2019. – Azor Ahai -him- Jan 10 '19 at 0:06

If you have documentable evidence of registration when asked to produce it, it should not be a problem. This is especially true in your case, where we're talking about a period of a week and you're representing your current address.

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