I am applying to graduate school to work on a Master's of Science in Nursing (Family Nurse Practitioner) in the fall. I've been working for the past few years, and it's time to go back. When I first started applying, I worked two jobs, and my second job is for a company that I'd largely stopped working for (I set my schedule with this company), but I had previously worked with as my primary employer for many years (too big to leave off a resume). Long story short, I was fired from that job about two weeks ago. My primary employment, where I work a regular schedule, is unaffected, and all of references for my application are from my current employer.

The question is: how much is that likely to affect a school's decision on my admission? I understand that there are different departments, different factors, etc., but is it likely that being fired from a second job around the time that applications are due will significantly hurt my chances of getting in?

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    I am unclear how a grad school would know you were fired. – Dawn Jan 8 at 4:02
  • This is something that I'm unclear about as well, and I should have clarified that component of the question: do graduate schools call employers listed on resumes/applications to verify employment? Could they even become aware of that kind of thing? – Jcob Jan 8 at 4:52
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    Was your job related to nursing at all? If not, do you even need to include it on your CV? – astronat Jan 8 at 8:16
  • Yes, both jobs are nursing jobs, so it's tough to leave off the resume. – Jcob Jan 8 at 18:01

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