I have references in my bibliography (that Mendeley automatically generates for me) that are not in my paper. How do I get rid of them? MS Word 2016, Mendeley Plugin, Windows 10.

I have tried:

  • Clicking the Refresh button
  • Deleting the bibliography and re-inserting it

I (kind of) solved the problem. I removed citations in earlier versions of the document and for some reason they were still being inserted into the bibliography. All cases were cases in which a there were multiple parenthetical citations. I deleted the entire set of citations and re-inserted them, and it's working again.

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    So, unlike the question title, you had originally inserted them, ie Mendeley was not just putting them in by magic... – Solar Mike Jan 7 '19 at 10:02
  • Yes and no. They were once in there, but deleted long ago and did not show up in any parenthetical citations. – Brigadeiro Jan 7 '19 at 17:14

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