At the beginning im so sorry about what i did. But in literature review of the introduction part of my thesis i realized that i made a mistake :( It is about giving state-of-the-art part of my study area. When i describe a study i saw that, in paper it says that; "this paper describes the design for bla bla (paper)... we will evaluate the design(at conclusion)" but also in paper it says that for example; "knee design take advantage of the fact that knee generate needed power bla bla.

But when i describe the paper i wrote that; "In[5], they emphasized that the design produced correct power" here the faily part :( they didn't evaluate but i mention that the design PRODUCED correct power. and 2 similar sentences:( For example i say: "ankle didn't produce unneeded power for bla bla".

but in paper it says; "ankle design take advantage of the fact that ankle doesn't produce large power for bla bla"

The case is here; they introduce the design or lets say, ,idea, proposes but i described as it produced that power etc but actually it wasn't made, those of them were ideas or claims of authors. is it reason of revoking of my thesis later :( please help me.

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    If your thesis has been accepted just move on with your life. If it hasn't, fix it in revision. Nobody's read my thesis since I defended it and nobody's gonna read yours neither. – user101106 Jan 6 '19 at 22:07

If you aren't allowed to make a correction then you can't and it is what it is. But since it was accepted, there should be no issue for the thesis or for your degree.

However, in the future, if you do a publication that needs to cite the thesis, you can make a correction there. I assume, of course, that the error doesn't call your main result in to question. In that case you would need to either ignore the past or give a rather extensive update to your thesis in a new paper.

People make mistakes. People correct mistakes. Science moves on and advances.

Your thesis probably won't be the last piece of work that you do.

  • Dear @Buffy you helped me again, as i shared my situation in yesterday, i pressed my thesis and my jury has already signed it but dean of instute hasn't signed it yet. So im shamed about describing the situation to him. Should i describe it? thank again – Asking question Jan 6 '19 at 23:02
  • Does the error affect your main result, or is it just embarrassing? – Buffy Jan 6 '19 at 23:11
  • No @Buffy, it doesn't affect my study. The error is in intro part of thesis, in that part i just give examples of studies which were made before me. And in this literature review, i say that for example; In [5], they made prosthesis which is passive. bla bla "ankle didn't produce unneeded power" but if i had said "ankle doesn't produce unneeded power" it could be better maybe. Because in second case i think i talk about the idea but in first case the test should be made? Dear Buffy i did that mistake because i wrote the review part in past simple tense i think the mistake is at that point :( – Asking question Jan 6 '19 at 23:17
  • Then there is no reason that you need to mention it, and no need to not mention it. It was an error, but not critical to the thesis. However, if you do, just say that you made an error of interpretation of past work. It wasn't intentional, nor an attempt to mislead. It has no effect on the outcome. The authors of the other study might want to complain to you and you can apologize to them if so, and correct yourself in any future work. – Buffy Jan 6 '19 at 23:24
  • Dear @Buffy thank you again, my whole interpretation of past work part of my thesis was is written in simple past tense. So if i say for example "ankle didn't produce unneeded power" is it understood as tests was made? or just like present simple version of it , it is understood as "ankle don't produce unneeded power " by design? – Asking question Jan 6 '19 at 23:30

I don't think mis-quoting a particular reference will cause the revoking of your thesis.

Edit based on edited question: If you are mis-representing the results ie changing the results to be for the ankle instead of the knee and then basing your results on that, then that could well be a concern.

Can you submit a correction to that section? You should check this with your advisor - they will know whether you should edit it or leave it...

  • Thank you @Solar Mike, in my country we can't do a correction for accepted thesis, no i don't mis-representing my study, i just use actually anti depressant and sometimes i feel sleepy, i think that i made that mistake in that time. In just one reference. They didnt't make a evaluation but i present it as if it was happedened. I mean they conceptually design a prosthesis and talk about its success in idea. But i say that: "it was succesfull it made this etc" : ( – Asking question Jan 6 '19 at 22:04

i asked to make a correction but they didn't let me to do. So, it was left as wrong. Actually i read that passage again and i saw that, if i had said that; ie "knee don't produce unneeded power" instead of "knee didn't produce undeeded power" it would be correct. Because the first one mentions the idea but the second one mention the test?

Is it ok to use simple past to share ideas of previous study? Because it points out that "with the help of this design knee produce correct power" but i say; "it produced correct power" something like that. So is it ok to use simple past tense, to mention about previous study's claims?

is it right or i can use it vice versa. If it is ok to use each other, i didn't make a mistake. Greetings.

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