I am currently in the process of writing my Master's thesis using the LaTeX class supplied by my university. This class uses a document structure similar to report: Starting with chapters, then sections, then subsections and so on. Citation style is IEEE, if that's important.

What is the correct way to reference all these text-divisions within my flow-text, especially when reaching \subsection{} level and below?

Example A

As shown in chapter "Foo" and section "Bar", [...].

[...], for further details see subsection "Baz" and subsubsubsection "Qux".

or Example B

As shown in section "Foo" and section "Bar", [...].

[...], for further details see section "Baz" and section "Qux".

or something completely different?


You can use command label, e.g.,

\section{My Section}\label{section:MySection}

\subsection{My Subsection}\label{section:MySubsection}

Then you can use:

...Sections~\ref{section:MySection} and \ref{section:MySubsection}...

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