As a current graduate student looking forwards to a career in academia, I am concerned (as is likely normal) about the potential for future funding in my field/subfield. Doing good science is, of course, the first priority. However, acquiring funding as a young faculty is an unfortunate prerequisite to doing good science.

I often think about moving towards more basic science, as compared to my current more applied work. When I look at funding solicitations, many focus more upon basic study. However, It also seems likely that the more basic areas are more saturated with researchers, and may thus have the same or less funding on a "per capita" basis. Admittedly, the cost of work etc also varies with fields. At the end of the day, there is no perfect metric for analyzing the competitiveness of a specific field. However, I know some resources to help me analyze the promise of my career path must be available. Are there any meaningful metrics or reports that focus upon money flow and trends in scientific funding?

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