I am currently writing my masters thesis. I include in it a screenshot of a webpage, in which I want to point at some components and explain what each of them does. What I did so far is that I draw circles around the components and an arrow from the component to a one word text saying what it is, I intend to go into details under the image.

Is that sort of “labeling” formal enough for a thesis figure? Or is there another presentation that would be more appropriate?

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    -1: I don't think that the purpose of Academia.SE is to give advice on how to present a document. – Sylvain Peyronnet Apr 21 '12 at 13:47

Images in a thesis should be of the same quality as images in a peer-reviewed publication. Hand drawn circles and arrows are not formal enough. Circles and arrows drawn with programs like TeX, GIMP, Illustrator, or Powerpoint are formal enough.

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  • I agree. The whole point of thesis documents (or dissertations) is to be formal. – JosephDoggie Sep 3 at 20:58

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