As a master student, I have been working on 3 summer projects, and all of them seem okay. The problem is that they are not related to field I am applying to. I know this is weird to some of you, but this is what has happened to me, and I believe that I have done my best in my situation then.

In details, the 3 summer projects are in the field of interpretable machine learning, computer vision, and theoretical statistics. The field I am applying to is Operation Research (OR) in Engineer school (or Industrial Engineering, not the OR in business school). Assuming I really like my field, which I do (but explaining it will be another story). I should have done some research in OR, but they were not available to me back then, so I just grabbed whatever opportunities I could.

Now the problem is that I need to write a Statement of Purpose (SOP), in which I would like to mention my research experiences. Yet, they are not related to the field I am applying to my PhD. So what should I do in this situation.

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    Explain it exactly as you have done here: "There were no OR research opportunities available, so I did research in ML, computer vision and statistics and I learnt X, Y and Z about doing research." – astronat Dec 5 at 8:34
  • This could be my over-speculation, but could this possibly sound that I am a "loser" (that adcom thinks that I am not able to find one OR research)? – NeverBe Dec 5 at 14:56

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