For example, in the same fashion that medical professionals might do research on cancer, does there exist comparable positions in philosophy where one "researches," say, Free Will Determinism?

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    Well there certainly exist philosophy professors in most universities. I don't know what sort of research they do, but that seems like the place to look. – Thomas supports Monica Dec 3 '18 at 6:31
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    Are you asking about "positions" for students, such as RA, or professional positions? – Buffy Dec 3 '18 at 12:15

Yes, for example Oxford's philosophy faculty includes professors of

  • ancient greek philosophy

  • philosophy of mind

  • political philosophy

  • philosophy of language

  • practical ethics

  • philosophy of physics

  • philosophy of mathematics

  • medieval philosophy

  • metaphysics

  • logic


There are philosophy faculty who specialize in research on a particular topic (see @henning's answer). However, what I think is rare in philosophy and other Arts and Humanities disciplines, it research only positions. Where as in sciences there are purely research, commonly at the postdoctoral level, but also occasionally as full-time permanent employees (e.g. PIs research institutes or staff scientists). Most academic philosophers I know are also teachers to one sort or another, even at the Postdoc level.

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