I proposed to one of my PhD students some work for a first paper. He needs a specific deadline or he will procrastinate forever. A deadline that is external, not for me. In the past I looked for Journal Special Issues with exact deadlines and it worked like a charm. Now I looked in google but it was hard to find, I only found this, in the area of computational chemistry:


So I wonder if, apart from using google, you know of ways about finding special issues of journals with established deadlines (I am not asking for databases or websites, just for your approaches)

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    Please see the question What is the boat programming meme about? on Meta SE. In particular, "What is your favourite food, as a programmer?" … all questions like this are not programming related. in the answer. I think you question is a boating programming question. You actually want to force an external deadline to your student, you are looking for something to fulfill the purpose. Continue on the next comment – scaaahu Nov 30 '18 at 9:25
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  • If I do not find a Special Issue, then I will try to agree on a fixed date with the student – Open the way Nov 30 '18 at 11:20