Intelligence studies is an interdisciplinary academic field that concerns intelligence assessment.

I have tried to find the relevant program in Germany, but i did not find anything.

Based on WikiPedia, every country might have its own standard for this field.

In British universities, intelligence studies developed within international history departments, while in US institutions it became the preserve of political science, and even then the subject was approached in terms of public policy and decision-making rather than IR. Recently attempts to connect intelligence studies with international relations theory have emerged, such as Andrew Rathmell's work on a postmodern theory of intelligence.

The question is:

  1. How is IS (intelligence study) in Germany?
  2. Can you specify some links to the programms?

It seems like this field hasn't established itsself in Germany yet, and is mostly common in the anglophone world. However, the German Intelligence offers courses at the Hochschule des Bundes Fachbereich Nachrichtendienste (Federal University of Applied Administrative Sciences).

[...] [T]hey focus on undergraduate education for generalists in intermediate-level posts.29 To some degree, the existence of this program also precludes the necessity of similarly-structured undergraduate programs at regular public universities. In the graduate and postgraduate sec- tors, no similar program exists. (source, p. 86)

Contents of the answer and further information from: source

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  • The link is down. Could you please update your answer? – Jeff Aug 3 '19 at 6:31

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