I'm currently in the process of applying for postdoc positions. So far I've applied for four, and to my surprise I've been invited to interview for three of them (1 phone, 1 Skype, 1 face to face) so far (the fourth hasn't got back to me yet).

This is obviously a good position to be in, but it raises some questions for me about my next steps. Until now I've gone with a fairly scattershot approach, on the presumption that the majority would outright turn me down. Now I'm wondering if I should start being more selective in which positions I apply for?

To be clear, I would definitely be happy to take any of the jobs I've applied to so far. But what if 'the perfect job' comes up later, and I'm potentially already committed to making a decision on another job offer? (Note, I would not accept an offer then renege on it).

Is it still worth applying for many positions, for the interview experience, and potential to get a preferred option?

Also, would it be reasonable for me to be offered a position and then turn it down, or should I try to avoid that situation?

  • Don’t think about these now, give the interviews. Wait for their offer and then decide accordingly. – Mithun Nov 19 '18 at 15:55

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