Recently, my apush (AP US history) teacher assigned my class of high school juniors into groups in class for a project. Though I dont know that many people in my class, I really did wish that I’d get people who would do their work. This is where my problem arises. The two guys i was placed in a group in have the exact personalities I tend to avoid and not want to interact with unless they take initiative - I’ll call them Person A and Person B to lessen confusion.

Person A obviously cares about his grade, but seems to look down on my because I’m a girl, I think?, or at least I’m assuming this is the case from what I’ve observed of him when he said he didn’t expect me to have a discord “because girls don’t normally don’t use that gaming chat”. I think I could work with this person, because he does quite care about his grade, but I feel as if I’d only get along with him if there was another person besides himself who was hardworking in our group.

which leads me to Person B. Despite being someone who rarely checks her grades and usually procrastinates to the last second, I actually consider myself more diligent in my work compared to Person B. I know for a fact that Person B will definitely throw me off in terms of planning the work and not allow me to properly get work done because I anticipate he’ll decide to either just not do the work, or do a terrible job at it. He immediately admitted he has a 70 in this AP class and that he sucks at this class (to which I wondered why he didn’t drop out of the class, but I try to keep my opinions to my self when talking to people I don’t know as well), and said he wished he sat behind me so that he could easily cheat off me - which absolutely pissed me off. People may say that I’m biased or just extremely judgmental, but will absolutely not let someone with a personality like that cheat off my work (though I have, on occasion, guiltily let it slide for my friends and other students who I find interesting or charismatic). Of course, I didn’t say anything to this as I’m not so confident to state anything that may make someone I don’t know to become hostile towards me.

As a group, we didn’t get any work done today as these two dudes decided to get off topic and talk about stocks, which I’m not so interested in, and also not even related to the topic we’re supposed to research for our US history class.

This situation leads me to ask my question, how can I deal with group members like this? Since I’m someone who can do my work by myself or with friends more efficiently and properly than I can with people i don’t really get along with, should I just do all the work by myself and then expect they do their work? Whether they do or don’t, at least I’d have my work down. Would it be rude to tell the teacher? Or is this all in me and my own prejudiced against guys? I’ve never really clicked well with guys in the first place unless they were kind enough to talk to me first, so I’m always conscious that I may be acting in some way because I’m unable to understand them.

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    High school and undergraduate work are outside of the scope of this forum. I'm not sure if there is a right stackexchange for this (but there certainly is a right subreddit, or many). – darij grinberg Oct 26 '18 at 6:14
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First of all: You are not alone. This is one of the reasons for group assignments - you'll have to learn how to deal with such people and situations, because in a work environment you will end up exactly in situations like this from time to time.

I sould suggest talking to your teacher and ask, whether it is ok to label the individual contributions to the text. Then you can work on your part and you are not affected by the performance of others.

Try to do so in a respectful manner, otherwise A & B might be quite annoyed.

  • Thank you for the advice! I feel like I got overly frustrated over this, I appreciate your help – Jhanvi P Oct 26 '18 at 17:44

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