This semester I have multi variable analysis and transformations, signals and systems. The latter one is a beast. Up until now I have done great in all my courses, this is my third of five years in computer science. I have learned how to study, and how to study harder when knowing something will be hard. This course had a fail rate of 85%, and a no lifer like me have been worrying for this course since starting last year. So when it came up I went hard from the start, getting way ahead. Going to every lecture, studying every single piece stated there and suddenly the thesis before the exam shows up. And. I. Do. Not. Understand. Anything. All that time wasted. Never experienced something like this. It is like everything in there is new.

How do you handle stuff like this? I have been so stressed I have chest pains, migraines and insomnia since this realization because I have tried to "catch up" so hard.

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    The class wasn't wasted time if you learnt something. Also, go easy on yourself and try to come to terms with the fact that failing a class (especially one with such a high fail rate!) actually isn't the end of the world. – Anyon Oct 5 at 20:38
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    Your physical and mental health are the more important here. Most universities have student psychologists and health advisors that you can go to; reading your last paragraph that seems a good idea to me regardless of how the course ends. – Keelan Oct 5 at 21:55
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    Decided to take a day off today. Can not think anymore it feels like. Have also been drinking about 15 beers by my self just to get rid of that nagging feeling like nothing I do in this course will matter (do not do this every week, but I have reached my breaking point), it is Friday after all. Will be taking it a bit more easy on my self, I think it will actually improve the over all failrate (I'm just joking) on this course if I try to value the hours I have instead of studying 16h a day and break as a person. Will also lookup a possible psychologist. Thank you for your guidance! – Salviati Oct 5 at 22:43
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    You failed a course designed to fail students. When the course is truly fair, something serious is missing between what you learned by "going hard at it" and what you should have learned. A starting point to recover is to come to terms with this truth. The resonance of I. Do. Not. Understand. Anything. suggests that you may have focused on such things as memorizing equations rather than learning their trends or on cramming hard facts rather than digesting the underlying principles. It happens. Change your approach not your desire or effort. Step back, give yourself grace, and try again. – Jeffrey J Weimer Oct 5 at 23:24
  • So if I understand you correctly you want me to go back, do it all over again and now try to understand what it is all about? This is a great approach I do admit it! But it is so much! For example, the first three weeks we studied the relationship between continuous and signal -systems. This was bent over to an approach of this. If I would be aware of it I would have focused on the right thing, but as I said this fell out from the air. I will really try to follow what you suggest but will also follow the other guys/gals telling me to try keeping my sanity, Will be back with answers about this, – Salviati Oct 5 at 23:42

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