I have applied for a PhD position with scholarship where the assessment is still going on(I will get the result on November). I have only applied in the projects where a bachelor degree is the minimum requirement. I have studied 3 semester for my PG course and did not finish the degree. As the application guideline asked for all information (including incomplete degree) while applying so I submitted my earned credits and course list. When I was applying online, I wrote the starting date of my PG course. As I did not finish it so I wanted to keep the date of completion /expected date of completion blank.But I could not go to next page with that so I wrote the date which would be the date if I had continued my study there. I wrote it in my CV that I studied 3 semester during my PG course and my supervisor is also well informed regarding this matter and he has encouraged me to apply for the scholarship. I got a mail from the graduate office and they asked for proof of PG completion. I wrote them everything and in reply mail,they again asked for proof of PG completion. In this case,that should I do?

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    What is a PG course? Post-graduate? – cag51 Sep 17 '18 at 16:55

You should reply again, being very clear and concise. If you initial reply was as confusingly-worded as your post here, it is easy to understand the problem. Maybe something like this:


As I wrote in my statement of purpose, I left the PG course after 3 semesters without finishing (the April 2018 [or whatever] date I listed is the date I would have completed the degree if I had finished). I hope that answers your question.


You say your "supervisor" is "well informed regarding this matter." Is he a member of the faculty at the institute to which you are applying? If so, you should explain the situation to him and cc him on this mail; he may be able to help you. If not, same thing goes except you should bcc him rather than cc'ing him.

Finally, you should be aware that you made a mistake -- you should have put the date you left the program (assuming you had already left) rather than the date you would have finished it. Hopefully they will realize this ambiguity resulted from their unclear form rather than you attempting to mislead them, but unfortunately it's quite possible they will not.

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