Sorry if this is a bit long. I took a final for an intro elective (I'm a college senior), a pretty easy A- GPA booster class (average before this final was 90+).

I have learning disorders so I get to take the exam in a private room. Shortly into the exam, I asked to take a bathroom break and grabbed tissue from the washroom. Then I went back into the exam room and continued, got carried away and started doodling on one of the tissue papers. I believe I wrote about three words on the sheet before the proctor came by and asked why I had unauthorized "notes". I explained that these weren't notes and just me doodling. He asked why I didn't doodle on my scrap and I said I was using my one scrap sheet for actual calculations and didn't want to run out of space on it. He said ok but that we would need to go to the head proctor and report it just in case, and if she was fine with it I could keep writing. He gave me back the papers and we got up to head out to her office.

Once out of the exam rooms, he said on a second thought to give him the papers instead and he wanted to hand them to her. I said no, sorry, I can't do that, we are already heading there, whats the big deal with me holding them? He said something about protocol, but I told him I didn't feel comfortable with handing him my papers.

He then tried to grab them from me, which was when I ran into the bathroom because I felt like he was trying to attack me (been raped before - guess I got triggered). He goes into the bathroom with me still trying to grab my papers. I ran out telling him to get another proctor because I am feeling harassed and uncomfortable, so I went into the next washroom and he followed me in there. I had a panic attack, and ran out again trying to get as far away from him as possible, that was when he called a female proctor who sat with me the entire time in the hallways till they brought a counselor. Now he claims that I cheated with unauthorized notes and I have to go to a meeting with the dean.

Also they are bringing as evidence my scrap sheet because I had previously been given the same exam but couldn't complete it due to being sick (I memorized a keyword from each question wanting to see (also kind of hoping) if they would administer the exact same exam and matched the old questions to the new ones). I don't see how that has anything to do with the three words I wrote on the other sheet.

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    What is your question? – Allure Sep 11 '18 at 2:15
  • Basically how do I prove that I did in fact memorize the questions? They sent me my scrap sheet where i matched version 1 to version 2 so even if I match it again they'll say that I already saw it from the evidence file and memorized it then. – Liyal Sep 11 '18 at 2:59
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    If I were the Dean, I would ask you this question: "Why did you grab tissue from the washroom?". – scaaahu Sep 11 '18 at 3:04
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    I think one important question is the story he is telling. Is he openly lying about his actions or what happened, or does he just have a different interpretation of things than you do? – Dirk Sep 11 '18 at 8:53
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    Well, he thought you were cheating and hiding evidence, and when he tried to get a hold of it you suddenly ran to get rid of said evidence. I can understand why he would follow you and try to stop you under these assumptions, so I think it would be best to talk things out instead of assuming evil intentions from his side. In the best case, this is just one big misunderstanding that can be sorted out. Either way, it doesn't seem to fit the Q&A style of this page, as there is no concrete question we could answer here. – Dirk Sep 11 '18 at 9:05

I'm sorry, but it looks like it will be impossible to prove your innocence under these conditions. You refused to follow the instructions of the proctor because you "didn't feel comfortable with handing him [your] papers" (which is not a sufficient explanation), and later failed to control your emotions and ran into the washroom as if you were trying to get rid of some evidence.

  • He went in there with me though, so he watched me the whole time till someone else showed up. – Liyal Sep 11 '18 at 8:49
  • Also he was the one that initially told me to take them myself, if he had taken them when he first asked me to go with him, I wouldnt have them on me in the first place. I should add that I write my exams in an exam centre due to having an anxiet disorder, I dont do well with sudden change like that. I panicked which is why I was hesistant – Liyal Sep 11 '18 at 9:02

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