My supervisor introduced me to a professor who has (already) accepted to be my co-supervisor, and wanted me to contact him and make an appointment. I want to write an email, but I do not know exactly what to write. My supervisor raved about his knowledge.

How can I explain my purpose of contacting?

Is the following a good email?

Dear xx

My name is ++++ , and I am a master student and my supervisor is Dr.+++++.

First of all, I would like to thank you for agreeing to be my co-supervisor.

I have read and heard a lot about your achievements and your extensive research experience in the field of artificial intelligence systems. so, I would like to discuss with you on topics such as AI, Machine learning which will help me get started in the right direction.

Would it be possible to meet with you to further discuss?

I am available Days and Times.

Kind Regards,



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    Perhaps thank him for agreeing to be your cosupervisor? – Dawn Jul 19 '18 at 22:42
  • could you explain more? what other things should I include? – nikki Jul 19 '18 at 22:43
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    We don't know what you should write either. We need more context -- what is the purpose of this email? Have you met the person before? – Austin Henley Jul 19 '18 at 23:02
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    Well then you should also ask about meeting! – Dawn Jul 19 '18 at 23:47
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    Do not overthink it: phdcomics.com/comics.php?f=1047 – allo Jul 20 '18 at 8:47

Two ideas only. I don't think you need to praise him in an initial note. Just mention the general area in AI that you want to explore.

But the meeting should be at his convenience. Rather than tell him when you are available, let him set the meeting. If necessary you can indicate when you cannot meet if that is relevant.

You can thank him and tell him you are looking forward to working with him when you actually meet.

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  • what do you mean? in this part "Just mention the general area in AI that you want to explore." – nikki Jul 20 '18 at 1:13
  • @nikki2 Buffy gave you a good outline - so just give a simple explanation of the focus of your research. – Solar Mike Jul 20 '18 at 4:31

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