I'm a senior college student and start to read papers for my final year project. I find phrases like " Chinn et all (1982)", "Garley et al(1978)" and "Chun and Seymour (1989)". When I type those phrase in Google Scholar, its results are not relate to graph theory at all.

I'd like to know how to find papers from this phrases accordingly: )

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    You should find complete references at the end of the paper. With this information, your librarian can help you find the papers themselves. Jul 12, 2013 at 14:30
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    Another good resource for mathematics is MathSciNet, if your institution subscribes. Searching for author "Seymour" and year "1989", I found: MR1001391 Chung, F. R. K.; Seymour, P. D. Graphs with small bandwidth and cutwidth. Graph theory and combinatorics (Cambridge, 1988). Discrete Math. 75 (1989), no. 1-3, 113–119. It also helps if you spell the author's name correctly ("Chung" not "Chun"). Jul 12, 2013 at 14:32

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Format Chun and Seymour (1989) means that there should be a full reference in the bibliography (at the and of the article, chapter or book; or sometimes in the footnote).

In case if it is missing, you can use Google Scholar with

author:Chun author:Seymour

then in the options set date range to 1988 -- 1990.


The way that I perform searches like this in Google Scholar, is to not only type in the citation (such as your examples), but also the main topic in inverted commas.

For example, if I take one of your examples:

"Chun and Seymour, 1989" "Graph theory"

9 times out of 10, I find the article I am after (and more often than not, I find several more relevant papers).

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    Internationalization note: "inverted commas" = "quotation marks."
    – aeismail
    Jul 13, 2013 at 15:31
  • @aeismail - ah yes, thank you for that - completely did not think of the different terminology.
    – user7130
    Jul 13, 2013 at 15:32

I don't understand why people recommend searching Google Scholar or Mathscinet. Just try typing

Chun and Seymour (1989) 

in Google. There are no obvious hits. But since it is supposed to be about graph theory, try typing this into Google:

Chun and Seymour (1989) graph theory

and the fourth hit is

Handbook of Graph Theory, Second Edition
Jonathan L. Gross, ‎Jay Yellen, ‎Ping Zhang - 2013 - ‎Mathematics
[ChSe89] F. R. K. Chung and P. D. Seymour, Graphs with small bandwidth and cutwidth, Discrete Mathematics 75 (1989), 113G119. ... Chung and W. T Trotter, Jr., Triangle—free graphs with restricted bandwidth, Progress in Graph Theory,  ...

so it looks like you should look for this:

F. R. K. Chung and P. D. Seymour, Graphs with small bandwidth and cutwidth, Discrete Mathematics 75 (1989)

googling which yields this pdf as the first result.

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