I have published a preprint of my research paper on figshare. Will it be indexed on Google scholar (like a published research)? And if it does, then how many days will it require?

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    Information about the indexing policy of Google Scholar are not available. From the past, it is known, that Google Scholar mirrors all the papers from other science-databases and sometimes adds papers from external sources, but it is not possible to predict the situation for a certain paper. The reason is not Google itself, but the inner-working of the academic-library-system. – Manuel Rodriguez May 29 '18 at 8:34

I got email from figshare :

Thank you for contacting Figshare support. Content should be automatically indexed by Google Scholar, but it usually takes some time before that happens. In theory Scholar is focusing mostly on text documents (.pdf, .docx, etc.) but we have applied their guidelines across the whole set of items. We can confirm that we are currently working with Google in order to improve our coverage.

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