I am planning to submit a proposal for possible funding. There are three sources of funding I can apply for, and unfortunately the evaluation periods all three overlap. Typically there exists an option to state this while submitting. I am wondering if such a statement has any impact on the chances of being funded (of the three grants, I much prefer a specific one). Moreover, two of the agencies uses external reviewers and since my proposed work builds heavily on the previous efforts of three persons (one of them a prolific reviewer), there is a risk in reviewer overlap. I wonder how a reviewer would perceive this. In particular, would a reviewer be less inclined to recommend a second proposal for funding if they have already recommended a first on the same topic? PS I was advised not to make any statement of overlap. Is this an unofficial custom?

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    Talk to the program officers from your funding sources. Some funding sources encourage simultaneous submission; others discourage it or even forbid it. There is no universal rule. May 24 '18 at 23:08

It really is better to not do it. At least simultaneously (might be ok if the proposal was rejected). If you absolutely have to go ahead, try to fine-tune and change the proposal as much as possible according to the agency requirements.

  • I am sort of in a predicament where I have to submit at least two of them. I could skip the third.
    – Asdf
    May 25 '18 at 1:42

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