Easy question, I know, and it may be obvious to some people.

I am an academic, so, let me be specific. Universities usually pay their external thesis examiners, and, I have heard that some pay their internal examiners as well.

I want to know if it's common practice to pay their internal examiners?



No, examiners are not always paid.

This also holds for external examiners. I have been asked to examine several theses in the last years, some internal, some external, and have never been paid. However, if the examination involves travelling, then I usually got reimbursed.

(This is an answer for Germany and Austria.)

  • Same here. I’m American, but I’ve been an external examiner for French, Israeli, Danish, and Dutch theses. I’ve never been paid, except for travel expenses.
    – JeffE
    May 22 '18 at 12:02

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