I have an admission from Oxford University DPhil (CSE) . I also have a job in Silicon Valley with a startup that is a well funded late stage venture . Which one should I choose ? I am looking for insights in Visa differences , Rewards after the Dphil vs the current rewards I will get from the job. I am aware that I might not get the same salary in UK as in US . I am also aware that Oxford itself has great prestige. So my question also weighs prestige against money in my opinion.

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    You have to decide what you want - what we would choose may not suit you. – Solar Mike Apr 25 '18 at 6:42
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    It may help to ask more specific questions about what the two options are likely to look like day-to-day, though even that may be too variable for people to answer (esp. on the SV startup side). Also, the "visa issues" are hard to answer without knowing many more details (maybe approachable if people assume you're not from a Commonwealth country, the U.S., or EU(?). – cactus_pardner Apr 25 '18 at 15:55

I wouldn't do Oxford for the prestige. The question is more do you really want to do academia. If your heart is in academia, then Oxford may be what you should do. But absolutely don't do it just for the prestige. Graduate school is a pain in the ass if you don't want to do it 100%, and even if you want to do it 100%, it's still a pain in the ass, though one well worth it.

Also, of course, there is other considerations even if you want to do academia: for example, someone in their 30s who has a family or is wanting to start a family soon may decide to take the job for financial stability. Someone just as happy in industry may decide to take the job for its stability. Someone who needs money to send to their mother and father may decide to take the job. Someone who has a father dying of cancer may feel that neither option is wise at this time. There are many variables.

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