There are three things written on the journal’s home page: EIC (editor-in-chief), AE (associate editor) and ADM (administrator). The EIC is assigned, whereas the AE and ADM are not. The status is "Under review". In this situation, what can I expect? Has the EIC invited the reviewers or it is not under review?


I tend to disagree with @Allure. I have been an EIC, and I'm an associate editor of several IEEE and ACM journals. The manuscript was submitted only 3 weeks ago. It is possible that the EIC just hasn't gotten to it yet, or is having trouble finding the right associate editor to handle it. I think the system will say "under review" as long as it has been submitted and not yet accepted or rejected.

It is possible that the EIC is trying to decide whether to assign the paper or reject it immediately, but I think that's not the conclusion I'd jump to.

OP should simply be patient.

  • We might be using different editorial management systems then - the system I'm most familiar with has statuses "submitted to journal", "editor assigned", and then only "under review". In other words, it doesn't say "under review" unless a reviewer has been invited. – Allure Apr 22 '18 at 23:34
  • Could be.... hard to say in isolation.... – Fred Douglis Apr 22 '18 at 23:48

If it says "under review", it's under review.

My guess is that the EiC decided to handle the paper himself / herself, hence nobody else was assigned.

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