Our department make a lot of attendance certificates, for events we run, and we waste a lot of work typing attendance lists and sending them by email. Most of the public are students are from my institution, and we can get a list of names and email address. We make about 1.500 certificates by year.

We are thinking about using a event system, but I'm having trouble to find one that makes certificates and don't cost thousand of dollars.

Anyone have a suggestion? A better solution?

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    This doesn't seem like it's really about academia, as stated in the FAQ, and it is also a shopping question which is also explicitly called out as off topic in the faq. Mar 1, 2018 at 20:05
  • Oh, sorry. Maybe I can edit to make less "shopping question". As making attendance certificates is a part of many events, like conferences, I assumed the question to be on topic.
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