In a job application I should add a description of my "tieteellisistä ansioista", which translates to "scientific merits". (The application is only available in Finnish, in which I am fluent.)

The application also asks for information concerning my research and research interests; all of this is to be provided in the same document.

What, exactly, does "scientific merits" mean and cover in this context?


It seems the use of "scientific merits" (and obviously especially the Finnish version of it) in a CV or application is specific to Finnish academic culture.

"Scientific merits" can be applied to a study, but the meaning of it there is hard to apply to a person.

I found its use in a Finnish application, where it is used as a title for "publications, teaching and student supervision and awards". So basically it could also be called "accomplishments" or "proven experience".

The linked example was the only actual use in a CV I could find (quickly). Of course, it is a single example, so I could be very wrong about my assumption this makes it part of "Finnish academic culture" more than general use.

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    I'm also not able to provide a general answer, but this is exactly the context I (a native Finnish speaker) have seen it used in before. In particular skewed towards awards and grants and such.
    – starless
    Feb 27 '18 at 13:34

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