Can anybody explain why someone who is editor of a reputable journal also act simultaneously as an editor for a potentially predatory journal?

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We cannot know if this is really the case, but many disreputable publishers surreptitiously list well known scientists in their editorial boards, without asking their consent.


The editor is the only person that knows for sure. Some possibilities (note I do not know if ikpress is a flaky publisher - I'm simply assuming it is):

  • He doesn't think ikpress is a flaky publisher. Compare Frontiers and MDPI, both publishers that were included on Beall's list that also had established academics defending them.
  • He isn't aware ikpress is a flaky publisher.
  • He doesn't care that ikpress is a flaky publisher (for whatever reason).
  • He doesn't know he's listed as an editor, or he might have tried to be "unlisted" but the publisher has been slow at removing him.
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    I don't see how reputation is relevant?
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