I was second author on a paper that was accepted to a large and somewhat prestigious conference--the first author was the one who presented it (as part of a panel, not a poster), but because I'm early in my career I'd still like to highlight it somewhere on my CV. I think I'll create a section like "Other Research" or "Other Papers" or something so it's not misleadingly put with peer-reviewed publications.

Does this sound like a good strategy? And how should I actually format the citation itself? Do I put "accepted at Conference X, presented by Name"?

  • I'd add for the completeness that there are peer-reviewed conferences in the other fields. Commented Feb 17, 2018 at 23:41

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Of course you should list a conference paper as part of your CV. Just make sure that, as you suggested, that it’s separate from peer-reviewed publications. Usually, “conference proceedings” or “presentations” or a similar section heading is used, depending on what records are available.

As for format, use whatever is the accepted practice and format in your discipline.

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