I am applying for OMSA degree from Georgia Tech and the application requires me to submit a 4000-character long Statement of Purpose. My question is this: Should a SOP cover my capability and show me as someone who can clear the course, or should a SOP cover why I am interested in the degree and how it will help me in my career? This is what the website says:

Personal statements

  • Goals and career plans, and reason for applying to this program. Up to 4,000 characters allowed for response.
  • Other graduate programs to which you are applying
  • Statement of purpose
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    some1 — Oh god. Kill this habit now. Burn it with fire. Nuke it from orbit. If this creeps into your statement of purpose, you won't get in anywhere. The word is spelled "someone".
    – JeffE
    Jan 28 '18 at 20:10

Your statement of purpose should include exactly what they request: "goals and career plans, and reason for applying to this program".

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