How to cite papers in my statement of purpose? The interview panel has asked me to cite the papers from which I have taken a general idea about my statement of purpose. Kindly guide me through the process?

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    Is your question on how to cite papers in general or what would be an appropriate format for doing it in a statement of purpose? – skymningen Jan 16 '18 at 10:22
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    Exactly the same way you would cite papers in any other document. – JeffE Jan 16 '18 at 15:34

You can ask them to clarify the citation format (e.g. Wikipedia offers some examples), or you can simply pick one of the listed options of systems or styles available.

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I don't know what is the right way to do. But this is what I did to highlight mine: Google search this "sarnath kannan HCL site:www.altera.com OR site:ieeexplore.ieee.org" will give you all my papers. So, I just linked like this Hope this helped! I am yet to submit my SOP. So, if this is a bad idea, Please alert me.

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