I have some data that originally is from OECD, but downloaded from the database Datastream. How do I cite this kind of data? I don’t even know the original name of the dataset, just what it’s called in Datastream, which is not necessarily the same thing, right? And what year do I put down?

Edit: Someone edited my title. The original source is not unknown as is clear from the text. I just can't find the data on the OECD website.

Edit2: The topics linked are not about citing third-party databases, which is what I would like an example of. For example, do I call the dataset what it's called in Datastream or do I need to find the original source and find its name? That doesn't seem possible in this case.

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    Regarding your clarification: So, you essentially have the problem of secondary citations with a dataset? Then please take a look at these related questions: 1, 2, 3. If they do not fully solve your problem (which I expect), please edit your question to focus on what issues aren’t solved. – Wrzlprmft Jan 13 '18 at 16:42

A question similar to mine with a satisfying answer can be found here: http://libanswers.brunel.ac.uk/faq/49262


You can try Dataverse, the Harvard's sharing platform to archive and get credit for your data. The platform creates a DOI that you can cite for.

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