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Putting supplemental material for Is it a paper ongood idea to put detailed supplementary analyses to a repositorypublication on ArXiv or Zenodo?

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Putting supplemental material for a paper on a repository

I am often bothered by the fact that interesting information pertaining a manuscript ends up in the supplemental information because of constraints of space, formatting and narrative. It feels like wasting hard-earned results.

I am about to submit a paper which will be accompanied by supplemental information where I will put a very detailed analysis of some specific bit of the paper. This is too detailed to make it to the main text. Because I think they are nice results nonetheless and I would like to squeeze some juice out of them, I was thinking about putting the supplemental info as either an arXiv or Zenodo submission, which would assign it a DOI and thus make it citeable. It would make this info also more discoverable and accessible by someone who is interested in this part but not in the journal paper itself.

Is this a good idea or should I simply submit my extra data as regular supplemental info instead?