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Thanking fellow PhD students in a paper

I am just about to send a paper for publication, and I would be grateful for some advice on how I should acknowledge my fellow PhD students.

The paper in question is my own, in the sense that I am the only author. However, it is clear that science does not happen in vacuum, and it was helpful to have an informal discussion with my collegues from time to time. For instance, I would explain to them the outline of the argument, and they would see if they see an obvious error, or suggest that I use a well-know theorem which might be applicable, or ask a question about a possible generalisation.

What would be an appropriate form of acknowledgement? Is it generally a good idea to add a line like

"The author wishes to thank his fellow PhD students [insert a list of ~5 names here]"

in the acknowledgements section? On one hand, I feel it's best to err on the side of being too polite, but on the other hand I'm not sure if it won't come across as name-dropping or trying to win favor.

If this is relevant, my field is (pure) mathematics.