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Sep 26 '21 at 11:11 comment added Alchimista Prof Ngyyen Van An then Prof John Smith somewhat respects the order. I think that none of the involved people care as much as you, to be honest.
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Sep 26 '21 at 4:14 comment added Markiff Thanks, it is correct, I have just changed them in an alphabet order.
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Change the alphabet order
Sep 26 '21 at 3:56 comment added Bryan Krause It seems maybe your question is about inverting the order within names and not others, such that the family name is first for all: writing John Smith as Smith, John, but Nguyen Van An as Nguyen Van An. Is this correct? It seems this is not quite the same as the title question about alphabetical order, as in your example these are not in alphabetical order.
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